Material: "Les Noveaux Cordonniers", 2015 Receipt, pigs-tooth, key, steel, photograph, magnets, glass, magnifying glass (85 x 35 x 42 cm),"Carmel Cleaners" 2015 Receipt, tree bark, string, steel, glass, photograph, magnets (111 x 111 x 66 cm), "Friesur Salon Bagdad" 2015 Receipt, fur, mounting hardware, steel, photograph, glass, magnets (101 x 85 x 150 cm), "Mui Mui" 2013 - 2015 Receipt, rock, paint, photograph, steel, glass, magnets 136 x 36 x 188 cm

Commissioned four shop owners to do execute thier normal services on natural objects. "Friesur Salon Bagdad" (Berlin, Germany) a Turkish immigrant worked on shaved a deer pelt bought in Norway. "Carmel Cleaners" (Charlotte, NC, USA) a Chinese immigrant sewed birch tree bark found on in Atlanta,GA. "Mui Mui" (Berlin, Germany) a Korean immigrant painted nail patterns on a rock found in Berlin. "Les Noveaux Cordonniers" (Besançon,France) a French man cut the shape of a pigs tooth into a key.