Public Discourse

Brad Downey, Quenell Jones,


DVD, running time 00:56’oo, Edition of 1000

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Shot in the classic cinema verité style using compact mini-dv and video 8 cameras, Public Discourse follows the art-making from initial idea through to exhibition, capturing the artists' private and personal moments of exuberance and regret. 
Public Discourse is about passionate artists who want their work to be seen by a wide range of people rather than be confined to the systemic structures of galleries and museums. This non-fiction film presents an in-depth study of the use of subversive messages, mimicking of advertising methods and the presentation of three-dimensional sculptures to the public.
The film features Ellen Harvey, Obey Giant, Darius Jones, Swoon, Nato, Desa, JJ Veronis, Bob Dombrowski, Rate, and many more. It also features an original score by Japanther and packaging by Eric Elms.