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ökoRAUSCH Festival for Design and Sustainability at MAKK

ökoRAUSCH Festival for Design and Sustainability
(Museum for Applied Art Cologne)
12 to 21 May 2017

The “ökoRAUSCH festival for design and sustainability” is a design festival with attitude. It stands for intelligent design that puts people, society and the environment first. Exciting new concepts can be found where art and design meet, paving new paths for innovative future strategies.

At the heart of the festival is an exhibition focusing on premium, sustainable products, innovative design concepts and artistic positioning in the interest of sustainable development. In order to liven up the message of the relevance of sustainability, the term sustainability itself depends on the skills of the designers and artists. With fun methods, intelligent approaches and unconventional ideas, these designers and artists are proving their talent and at the same time are connecting design with purpose.

Besides presenting people from the design scene and their work, we will be offering a diverse programme with contributions from design, art, the sciences, economy and politics – continually reflecting on the leitmotif of sustainability – sources of inspiration and links to sustainable economic activity, eco-political engagement, social equity and cultural diversity. The interaction between the different disciplines, and especially the connection with art with regards to sustainability related content, will not only be enriching for the festival, it will offer the participants a change of perspective. By presenting all of the connecting factors, such as (creative) industries, science and politics, the “ökoRAUSCH” festival will attract specialists in their own right as well as a large public audience.

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Free admission and special opening times:

FR 12.5. till 10 pm | SA 13.5. till 9:30 pm | SU 14.5. till 6 pm | MO 15.5. closed | TU 16.5. till 5 pm | WE 17.5. till 5 pm | TH 18.5. till 9 pm | FR 19.5. till 9 pm | SA 20.5. till 9:30 pm and SO 21.5. from 10 am till 6 pm (Museumsfest)


MU, Eindhoven
May 5 - July 2, 2017

Torenallee 40-06
5617 BD Eindhoven
The Netherlands

With #ViralVandals MU presents an exhibition about the second life of graffiti. Going virtually viral will replace the street in the quest for even greater visibility. New forms of expression emerge and the DNA of the scene changes irreversibly. A monument to the international, online graffiti community—young creators and global icons—in Eindhoven.

4608 & Fabian Sigurd, Boyscout, Brad Downey, Eewan, Good Guy Boris, Loiq, Mobstr, MOSES&TAPS™, MVIN, Nawas, Nug & Pike, Rage, Sauli Sirviö, TOY Crew, Utah & Ether, Veli & Amos, Zelle Asphaltkultur

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Video Box Festival at Le Carreau du Temple, Paris

Video Box Festival
April 27 - 29 (opening 27 18h30)
Le Carreau du Temple, Paris
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Liste des artistes:

Pilar Albarracin, Marwa Arsanios, Younes Baba-Ali, Bertille Bak, Yael Bartana, Eric Baudelaire, Taysir Batniji, Louidgi Beltrame, Guy Ben Ner, Benoit Broisat, Alain Bublex, Marina Chernikova, Olga Chernysheva, Liu Chuang, Jack Cronin, Hannah Darabi, Stephen Dean, Sebastian Diaz Morales, Julien Discrit, Brad Downey, Cedrick Eymenier, Kota Ezawa, Mounir Fatmi, Cao Fei, Anne-Charlotte Finel, Meschac Gaba, Anna Bella Geiger, Hc Gilje, Laurent Grasso, Haroon Gunn-Salie, Simon Gush, Yang Ah Ham, Taro Izumi, Francesco Jodice, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Valérie Jouve, Šejla Kamerić, Peterson Kamwathi, Polina Kanis, Flo Kasearu, Leopold Kessler, Kolkoz, Romain Kronenberg, Kelvin Kyung Kun Park, Mohammed Laouli, Florence Lazar, Mathilde Lefort, Yefu Liu, Zhenchen Liu, Pablo Lobato, Jumana Manna, Teresa Margolles, Angelika Markul, Randa Maroufi, Tahmineh Monzavi, Yolande Moreau, Alban Muja, Ciprian Muresan, Paulo Nazareth, Jamal Nxedlana, Uriel Orlow, Cécile Paris, Pierre Pauze, Oliver Payne & Nick Relph, Nira Pereg, Aliyar Rasti, Marie Reinert, Robin Rhode, Józef Robakowski, Tracey Rose, SAEIO, Larissa Sansour, Beat Streuli, Zhou Tao, Mona Vatamanu & Florin Tudor, James Webb, Eduardo Williams, Ezra Wube, Radouan Zeghidour, Artur Zmijewski.


Magic City Munich

"Magic City"
Kleine Olympiahalle at Olympic Park Munich
Spiridon-Louis-Ring 21
80809 Munich
April 13th to September 3rd, 2017

“Nature is a petrified magic city.” – Novalis

Our MAGIC CITY is a place and a non-place. It is not the physical city of brick and mortar but rather the urban space of internalized meanings. It is the city as subject and canvas, neither theme park nor stage set, but an exhibition showcasing some of the most original and celebrated artists working on and in the city today. Like the art it features, MAGIC CITY is a zone of unexpected encounters, art as born in interstice and the peripheral, appearing along those rips in the fabric of the ordinary where the extraordinary intrudes its wonderful illogic.

We believe that even the typical city is uncommon, and that the idiosyncrasies that make each city unique are collectively something they all have in common. This is then a celebration of the universal character of cities as well as a love letter to their infinite diversity. The special magic that comes from our cities is germinated in the mad sum of their improbable juxtapositions and impossible contradictions. We have asked these many artists to help us with an eye to the contrasts offered up by heterogeneity because the truth is not always a matter of common consent but is more likely forged in a crucible of difference and spoken in the polyglot.

We hope that the broad scope of expressions and practices evidenced between these artists, the full range of mediums and genres on display, the disjunctive scale here from the monumental to the minimal, and all the different strategies by which artists intervene in our normal experience of things to provoke and query the status quo, allows in its unruly mélange a kind of something-for-everyone show. Cities have been designed to facilitate work, but artists have transformed them into playgrounds for the imagination and ideas. This is the invitation called outside our window by friends and strangers with restless spirits: come out and play.

Carlo McCormick, Magic City Curator, July 2016