UM-Festival 2016

Aktuelle Kunst, Musik und Literatur
Fergitz, Pinnow und Sternhagen Gut (Uckermark)
vom 09.09.2016 bis 11.09.2016

Künstler 2016:
Sonja Alhäuser (D) • Awst & Walther (UK/D) • Johannes Buss | Radical Adults Productions (D) • Paula Döpfner (D) • Brad Downey/Diego Sologuren (USA/E) • Dennis Federsen (D) • Ulrike Mohr (D) • Maik Teriete (D) • Markus Wirthmann (D)

Musik in Sternhagen Gut:
Paula Schopf/Max Loderbauer (CL/D) • Le Petit Heimatlieder live (Marokko/Kuba/Serbien/Vietnam) mit Gudrun Gut live und DJ set (D) • Deadbeat live (CAN) • Barbara Morgenstern (D) • Strobocop/Chica Paula DJ set (D/CL)

Literatur in Pinnow:
Aljoscha Brell (D) • Jaroslav Rudiš (D) • Nell Zink (USA) • Moderation: Patricia Klobusiczky.

Kuratiert von Dr. Marc Wellmann (Kunst), Gudrun Gut und Thomas Fehlmann (Musik), Ute Koenig und Andrea Ribbers (Literatur).

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"Vernissage" Solo Show in the "Overcoat Gallery" at Manege, Moscow

Thanks to: Alexander Petrelli



Brad's work is on display in "Artmossphere" at "Manege" in Moscow



Art on a Postcard at Moniker Art Fair London

Moniker Art Fair

Thu, Oct 6, 2016 11:30am Sun, Oct 9, 2016 12:30pm

Art on a Postcard is back for its second year at Moniker with postcards and customised car bonnets. The Postcard Lottery was a huge hit at last year’s Moniker Art Fair and sold out before the end. The lottery this year will include favourites such as Harland Miller, Peter Blake, Brad Downey, Gilbert and George Inkie, Eelus, Pure Evil and Rugman. A £50 lottery ticket guarantees a postcard, and offers small odds of the chance to win an extremely valuable and unique one off work of art.

On the Art on a Postcard stand there will also be customised car bonnets by Jake and Dinos Chapman and Bob and Roberta Smith. Five hundred £30 lottery tickets will be made available for the chance to own one of these unique works of art, giving the lottery ticket holders a one in two hundred and fifty chance of owning artwork by major British contemporary artist.