Post-Utopia Screening curated by Lutz Henke, Neue Nationalgalerie

Post-Utopia Screening curated by Lutz Henke,
Neue Nationalgalerie 31.10., ab 18:00

with video works by:
Ulf Aminde, Markus Butkereit, Brad Downey, Niklas Goldbach, Judith Hopf, Christian Jankowski, Adam Kraft & E.B. Itso, Hanna & Klara Lidén, Reuben Moss, NUG, Fernando Sánchez Castillo, Santiago Sierra, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Matthias Wermke, Wermke/Leinkauf

with vegetarian doner by Jesus :)

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Thomas Geiger's repeat of Brad's Meat Street

Considering that the best way to keep a “performance” alive is to repeat it, Thomas Geiger has collected 27 concepts of various artists which he is going to repeat himself:

all repeats can be found here:
original meat street here:

on October 20th 2014



"Castle Dis-play" - Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg

"Castle Dis-play"
Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg

with works by:
Brad Downey, Jenny Feldmann, Alexandra Leykauf, Jenny Michel, Ingo Mittelstaedt, Noor Nuyten, Zahava Rodrigo, Matthias Ruth Berg + Daniel Neubacher, Tina Tonagel and Luca Vanello

Opening on the 21st of October 2014 at 19.00

Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg
Tuesday 13.00–20.00
Wed - Fri 10.00–17.00
Saturday 13.00–18.00
Sonday 11.00–18.00

Schlossstraße 8
38448 Wolfsburg
Telefon: +49.5361.28 10 12/ 17/ 21
Fax: +49.5361.28 10 25

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Igor Ponosov's thoughts on a censored "Art Biennial"

Igor Ponosov curated a collective studio which would have been situated in the Central Hall of The Street Biennial from the 6th to the 20th of September. This studio would have worked autonomously on various projects throughout Moscow. The project was cancelled by Igor two weeks prior to the exhibition opening due to the Biennial organizers’ ban on any art that discussed or critiqued political topics and current events.

invited artists: Harmen de Hoop, Brad Downey, Spy, Fra.Biancoshock, Sasha Kurmaz, Igor Rezola, Kirill KTO

"It’s true that we have wasted unbelievable billions on the Olympics, but we have not improved, and the life in Sochi hasn’t improved either. It’s true that the Crimea now belongs to us and we’ve got bad relations with Ukraine, and not only. It’s true, but ignoring all of it does not make us stronger. Quite the contrary, by turning a blind eye to all of it, we look as silly as those buffoons described by Marquis de Custine who visited Russia during the reign of Nicholas I: "The Russians are buffoons. In their attempt to imitate Paris they seem to be more Parisian than Parisians themselves.” So why to be afraid, to imitate or to hide? It’s much more important to argue, to discuss and to raise questions, and the art is the best tool for it. Especially if we're talking about street art, the art free of any qualifications and bias."

read the original article in Russian here

and a Translated version by Fania Balabanova here



STRATAGRIDS "Spatial Work" with some parts read by Brad

Measuring Infinity: A Test Arrangement

at the Auditorium of the HKW as part of A Matter Theater.
How to measure the immeasurable? According to most physicists, our universe consists of 95 percent dark matter and energy, phenomena that cannot be observed, only indirectly traced and described. This paradox serves as a point of departure for a performative inquiry involving a careful staging of tools and techniques for measurement: a sonic diagram, a computer simulation, a video animation. A point of gathering for thinkers and viewers alike, akin to an infinite bonfire in the darkness of space.
Fri, Oct 17, 3 pm — 10 pm
Admission: 5€/3€
Further Info can be found at the homepage.
and here: